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Alyse has always had a passion for animals, starting with her childhood home that housed dogs, cats, birds, turtles, ducks, fish, and more. At Rutgers University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, she joined a club that raised puppies for a guide dog organization called The Seeing Eye. Immediately upon joining, she knew she had to raise her own, and later received a 7-week old German Shepherd puppy named Hunter. Her interest in dog training grew as she taught him basic manners and socialized him to the world he would encounter as a guide dog. Unfortunately, Hunter was rejected from the program for a minor medical issue but this meant she and her husband could adopt him as their forever dog! Since then, she and Hunter have taken many Coventry training classes and have earned multiple trick titles, and hope to start competing in dog sports soon.

Prior to Coventry, Alyse worked as a professional dog trainer at a big-box pet store. Looking to expand her knowledge and skills, she began assisting the trainers at The Coventry School in their group classes. In February 2020, she began working full-time in the Day Camp and has an absolute blast playing and working with the dogs in camp. She finds it incredibly rewarding to discover each individual dog’s personalities, strengths, and silly quirks. Alyse is passionate about using a positive, force-free approach to training, and is currently working towards her Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification and planning to apply to online training programs to further her education.

Outside of work, Alyse enjoys hiking with Hunter, reading about dog behavior, playing video games, working out at the gym, and seasonal sports such as wakeboarding and snowboarding.

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