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We are a professionally-recognized leader in day camp, training and boarding services. We offer cutting-edge enrichment programs, utilize positive reinforcement methods, and provide stress-free handling approaches that are based on scientifically-sound principles, extensive experience and advanced education in canine behavior.


Day training is an individualized education program for adolescent and adult dogs tailored to fit your specific training goals! You meet with one of our trainers to discuss your dog and goals then design a customized training plan together. Whether training new behaviors, polishing up old ones, or working on behavioral problems, our experienced trainers work to achieve requested behaviors reliably, efficiently, and positively. Your dog will then attend day camp (anywhere from once a month to three times a week) for socialization and general manners. Sometime during the day, they get one hour of one-on-one work with their trainer to work on their individualized goals.​

Thanks for your interest in Coventry’s day camp!  Dogs over 5 months of age require a short "meet & greet" evaluation appointment prior to starting their first day of camp so that a suitable play group can be selected based on their age, size, and play style. 

We can schedule a Camp Evaluation appointment provided your dog meets the following health requirements: 

  • Dog is current with these vaccines:  DAPP (Distemper/Parvo), Rabies, and Bordetella

  • Bordetella vaccine was administered at least 1 week prior to your camp evaluation appointment

  • Dog is free of contagious illnesses and fecal parasites

  • Dog is free from injuries or recent surgery (with no remaining sutures/stitches)

You NEED these four things before your first reservation so please be prepared with the documentation.

Not sure which training class is best for you and your dog?

One of our trainers, Laurie, will guide you in the video below to choose the best program for your needs. Whether you have a rambunctious puppy or a happy adult, we have the right training for you.

A girl and her dog

Video of trainer explaining differences between classes

Still not sure? Fill out our contact form here and we'll help you pick the right class for your dog's needs.


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