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Daycamp Counselor & Trainer

Rachel Drachman was first introduced to the professional dog world when she lived in Ithaca, NY and began working at a small dog daycare. She brought love of dogs and knowledge of training when she moved back to Baltimore, and then eventually came to Coventry. As well as working in day camp, Rachel is a trainer for the Puppy Prep School program and Day Training program. She also teaches the FitDog Strength and Conditioning class. Rachel’s interest in canine strength and conditioning began while working with dogs in the ACE program and learning how to run them through our various conditioning exercises. Her interest and knowledge grew through the rehab of her own dog, a two-year old corgi named Guster, after he sustained an injury. She is currently working towards becoming a certified AKC FitDog instructor.


By training and working with her corgi, Guster, Rachel has developed her training skills in many areas. With Guster she works on obedience, trick training, strength and conditioning, treibball, nosework, and rally.

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