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cute puppies at Coventry - Megan Bethge
training Coventry puppies - Megan Bethge



Let us do it all for you! It can be a lot to raise a dog with everything else going on in life.
cute puppy dog training

Puppy Prep School

Prevent behavior problems with an early socialization program. Enroll your new best friend in Puppy Prep School, a month-long program of individualized training and socialization. Even the most nervous of puppies will emerge confident, eager to listen, and ready for the world without you spending hours every day on training.


Twice each week your puppy will attend a full day at Coventry’s Super Puppy Club play group where they spend all day being mentally stimulated through training, playing with other puppies, and exercising! An hour of each of these days is one-on-one training between your puppy and one of our experienced trainers to teach foundation behaviors like sit, down, wait, come, leave it, and loose leash walking. Additionally, we will provide socialization field trips to safe off-site locations. Good manners are important, even in dogs, so we also work on self-control, acceptance of handling, not to puppy nip, how to “play nice” with other dogs, and even how to be alone! Don’t leave your puppy home alone all day wasting valuable brain development time… Puppy Prep School sets them up for success as well-adjusted adults!


For puppies 2 - 5 months old



12 personalized training sessions with a Trainer, including:

 - 8 on-site sessions & 4 virtual training sessions

 - 8 full days in our Super Puppy Club Decamp

 - Group training class (Kindergarten 101)

Teen Prep School

Teens can be a little much to handle… let us do it for you! Teen Prep School is a month-long program of individualized training and day camp enrichment. It is designed to promote impulse control behaviors and good manners for adolescent dogs.

Twice a week, your teen will attend day camp to learn to play nicely with new best friends. During their day, one of our experienced trainers will work with your dog in a one-hour personal training session. We’ll teach foundation skills like sit, down, wait, come, not jumping on strangers, and general manners. We’ll further proof these skills by working around distractions. Weekly virtual training sessions with you and your dog are included to assure you’re kept informed of your dog’s progress and can continue to reinforce those good behaviors at home.

For dogs 6 months - 1.5 years old

(*Older dogs are able to participate in our custom programs)



12 personalized training sessions with a Trainer, including:

 - 8 on-site training sessions & 4 virtual training sessions

 - 8 full days in our ACE & Play Daycamp

 - Group training class (Beginner 101) OR (Jump Start Puppy 102)

Coventry Prep School - Megan Bethge
Coventry day camp and dog training

Custom Program

If none of these packages fit your needs, contact us today and we can create a custom program based on your training goals.

Puppy Prep School
Teen Prep School


If you prefer to learn individually or can’t make our classes, we’d be excited to work with you privately. Private training lessons can deal with basic training problems like jumping, pulling, puppy nipping, not coming when called, destruction, barking, housebreaking, counter-surfing, and many more.  To ensure the health and safety of all, we must be provided proof of current vaccinations:  Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella.

Schedule as many or as few lessons as you and your dog need. 1-hour lesson for $125/hr.

We now offer half-hour VIRTUAL private training lessons!

We offer 30-minute virtual training sessions to help you address your specific training needs. Is there a particular training task that you need help with? Do you have questions or problems with an adolescent, like counter surfing, jumping on people, or walking nicely? Do you need guidance with your new puppy on housebreaking, nipping, or crate training? Maybe you just need a followup to your training class? Want to get an idea what virtual training is all about? We can help you in a quick, 30-minute session, that will address your needs and your tight schedule!   $50


(Note: Aggression, fear, and reactive behaviors will require a full behavioral consultation.)

Private Lessons
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