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Here at The Coventry School, we believe that dogs need more than just play to keep them mentally and physically fit. Our enrichment program provides dogs with opportunities to satisfy their physical and psychological needs. We channel their energy toward positive, healthy experiences such as productive training, unique learning opportunities, and playtime, which lead to better behavior in public and at home. Our enrichment program promotes confidence and rewards good behaviors and manners through small-group play and one-on-one training activities.

To ensure the health and safety of all campers, each dog in attendance must provide proof of current vaccinations:  Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella.  Vaccinations must be provided a minimum of 7 days prior to starting camp.   In addition to the vaccinations listed, proof of clear fecal report is required.

We offer enrichment-based daycare. Why leave your dog at home when they could be at Coventry learning and playing with their friends?
Coventry School for Dogs - Puppy Prep School in Columbia, Maryland

Super Puppy Club

Super Puppy Club (SPC) is a full-day program designed specifically for puppies between the ages of 9 weeks and 5 months and geared to their cognitive needs.
Puppies are grouped with others of similar size and age for play, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We introduce the puppies to novel experiences, good manners, conditioning games, and basic tricks. Problem-solving skills are developed through the use of puzzles while crate games help our puppies to love their nap time. You will receive a report card from their trainer each day to see what your dog practiced!

When your puppy is ready to graduate from SPC, Coventry has more programs to suit their growing needs.

Puppy Drop-Off: 7am - 8:30am

Puppy Pick-Up: 4pm - 6:30pm

Available Mondays through Thursdays.  For optimum socialization, while maintaining your pup's health, we recommend attendance twice per week with a  day of rest in between their days at Super Puppy Club.


ACE and Play

ACE and Play is a full-day enrichment-based camp program for dogs over 6 months of age. Dogs are grouped with playmates of a similar temperament and play style for group play sessions. Once they have expended their excess energy with zooming, the enrichment activities begin! The dogs will participate in at least two trainer-led activities per day. Activities include:

Artwork: photos & paintings
Puzzle Stations
Fitness Training & Conditioning
Rally Obedience

Food Toys

Scent Work
Focus/Attention Training

Manners Training

Impulse Control

We note your dog's activity preferences and plan accordingly so that they do more of what they like in every session. The mixture of mental and social activities throughout the day ensures that you take home a tired and happy dog at the end of the day. We have found that an enrichment-based daycare program is the smartest choice for your dog’s well-being.

Your dog must complete a trial day to evaluate their suitability for our playgroups and assure they will enjoy the program.

Dog Drop-Off: 7am - 8:30am

Dog Pick-Up: 4pm - 6:30pm

Available Monday through Friday

1 Day: $49

5-Day Package: $235

10-day Package: $450

Coventry School for Dogs - ACE and Play in Columbia, Maryland
ACE and Play
Super Puppy Club

"Our pup has loved going to day camp twice a week for the past two years. We brought her to Coventry as soon as she was old enough so she could socialize in a safe, fun place with other dogs, and where the caring staff would support the training we were doing with her. Zora is just so happy and well-adjusted with other new dogs she meets. We are grateful and really have to credit her positive day camp experiences for this happy outcome."

— Lisa N.

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