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Dog Trainers
Liz Catalano at Coventry School for Dogs
Owner & Director of Behavior & Training

Elisabeth (“Liz”) Catalano, M.A., CPDT, CDBC is a professional dog trainer and a behavior counselor with nearly 20 years of experience in dealing with canine behavior problems. She is the Director of Behavior and Training of The Coventry School, Inc. for Dogs and Their People. Liz is skilled in behavior modification techniques and is committed to scientifically-based positive reinforcement animal training. Liz is passionate about making training fun for both people and dogs, increasing their bond and helping them achieve success.


Vincent (“Vinny”) Catalano is a professional dog trainer and behavior counselor with 20+ years of experience in dealing with canine behavior problems. He specializes in aggression and multiple dog issues and has counseled countless owners over the years. He is the President and co-owner of The Coventry School, Inc., for Dogs and Their People. Vinny co-developed a group of courses designed to rehabilitate dog-aggressive dogs. This program has since become the model for other growl classes and is recommended by Behaviorists across the country. The program focuses on calming reactive dogs using classical conditioning and positive reinforcement.

Image by Dustin Bowdige
Image by Philippe Montes
SHELLEY, General Manager

Stephanie has over 15 years of animal instruction experience; initially teaching, training, and coaching horses and riders before shifting her focus to dogs. Stephanie focuses on providing a welcoming, fun, and effective training environment for all of her students, both human and canine. She trains using a scientifically-based approach proven to change behavior and is committed to the use of positive reinforcement methods with an emphasis on building a strong relationship between dog and handler. 

Image by Roberto Nickson
Image by Michael
JOHANNA, Trainer
Coventry dog trainer in Maryland
RACHEL, Trainer

Rachel has worked at Coventry for 2 years. She is the ACE program supervisor and a trainer for the Puppy Prep School program. She has a corgi named Guster who works as her demo dog when she teaches FitDog Strength and Conditioning classes.

Coventry dog trainer in Maryland
Image by Anastasia Ulyanova
BRETT, Day Camp Manager
Day Camp Counselors
Coventry dog trainer and sea lion
VERONICA, Day Camp Counselor

Veronica has been working at Coventry since February 2019 after moving to Maryland from San Diego, CA.  Veronica has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and has been studying and working with animals on and off since 2006. She was able to complete a hands-on animal care and training internship with the U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal program in 2015 where she cared for and helped train bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions.  Though she does not have a dog of her own, she loves coming into work and getting to play with and love on all the dogs at day camp.

STACEY, Day Camp & Trainer
Image by Clay Banks
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